Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mindy, not Mandy, Kaling!!!!

So, despite all the wrong turns and mishaps we had on the trip to Scranton, we actually made it there and got to meet Ms. Mindy(not Mandy, as Finnish Spitz continually said) Kaling, who plays gossip queen, Kelly Kapoor. When I met her I was this close to asking either how BJ Novak was kissing, or how awesome JKras was but I resisted. I did tell her that her writing rocks my socks. At least I wasn't the loser one who was just like, "I'm chilling, you know, at the mall." People, learn from Finnish Spitz' stupidity. When meeting someone famous and they ask you how you are, do not say you're just chilling. It's just a wee bit insulting. Like, Finnish Spitz is the hugest fan of the Office and she totally made it seem like she was just at the mall. Tsk tsk Finnish. Next time, we'll get it right.

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