Monday, July 28, 2008

I really can't resist a musical

I've seen I think almost all of them that have been released in the last few years. Well, at least the main stream ones. So obviously looking for a feel good movie after Batman, I saw Mamma Mia. Naturally it wasn't as amazing as the Batman, but it was still pretty decent. I really enjoyed it. I downloaded the soundtrack almost immediately. I really enjoyed the music. And everyone. Colin Firth was well, awkward, and Dominic Cooper was dreamy and a good person to stare at. Meryl Streep was actually quite entertaining, and Pierce Brosnan? Well, he needs to not sing. Seriously. Just needs to stop. Though you do get used to it, it still gets painful every so often.

My favorite though? Of course, Amanda Seyfried! I looooooved her. So cute, so adorable, such a good actress. I'd love to meet her, man. Her singing was awesome. I love listening to her voice. Very soothing. Ah. Go Seyfried.

Other than that, I definitely enjoyed it. Though some parts could have been done much better on stage and were just plain awkward in the movie(Dancing Queen anyone?). But yeah. I only wish Amanda Seyfried got to sing more, but eh. I still loved it.

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