Sunday, July 27, 2008

Time To Catch UP!

Wow, I have a million to write about, so why don't we start back on last Saturday, when me and da amazing Finnish Spitz traveled to Scranton. Well, we got lost a few times. Like, um, six. Seriously. I was like, how fucking hard is it to find this giant mall? Well, apparently really hard. Our first take was my fault, because I thought we went straight. yeah, no.

Second take we were talking about the Office. Not paying attention to the road.

Takes like, three through five were random turnarounds in South, East, Up, Down Scranton. I really had no damn idea that Scranton was that big. Seriously. Someone should have warned me, man. Like, wtf? And they need to give more markers to the huge mall. I'm sorry but malls to me need to be in open spaces, and if they're in the city, fucking mark it. Gosh. You get people like me and Finnish Spitz who are incapable of going the right way.

There was another take which was weird, cuz there was a three way and yeah. We're just plain stupid. No offense, FS.

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