Monday, July 28, 2008

The Magical Mystery Tour of FAO Schwartz

Dudes. No one told me that store was that fucking awesome. I mean, it's amazing. I didn't even see it all(having a little crying fit over work. Gosh I'm lame) but from what I saw, I was amazed. Giant puppies, and dragons and dinosaurs and a big Ugly Doll thing. There's a big piano I missed, but I've been on one of those in Vegas. The guards are like the ones in England. My nephew flirted with the one while I was being miserable. There's also a giant candy section. Like, man, why didn't my parents take me to the numerous awesome toy stores in NYC when I was little. They could have shoved me in there for like a week and I would have been happy.

Oh and there was a really cool Harry Potter section. All decked out like Diagon Alley and with scarves and ties, and hats and they had a time turner, the sorcerer's stone, and the maruaders map.


So. Fucking. Awesome.

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