Monday, July 28, 2008

Not So Blayne-liscious

Dear Blayne,

Please stop with the 'girliscious' and other 'liscious' stuff. So fucking annoying. And wtf, tanorexic? First of all, I hate them. And I hate the person who made up that nickname. Makes. No. Fucking. Sense. Just say tanning addict. Or a tandict. Yeah, so much better than using part of the word for a serious medical condition. Awesome. Either way, Blayne, you are sooooo annoying. I half hope you lose quickly, but then I'd only have Leatherface to complain about. Well, I'm sure I could find more people, but still. Blayne, go tan and go away. Your stuff sucks. It just does. Give up.

PS he was a barista at a coffee shop. Wow. So him. I thought he was from like, Florida, but I saw Seattle. Now the tan is even more awkward.


Kelli Fan

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