Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm A Klepto

So previously, I took a pic of Miley Cyrus that I thought looked really cool from a magazine. I've done this before, but from like, dentist's offices and stuff. Never did I take it from an unpurchased mag. Whoops. I wanted it. Sorry to the person who bought that mag. I wonder if anyone did. Awkward. Oh well.

But then, at Target on Wednesday, me and S and Lil J totally swiped some 3d glasses. Hopefully no cops see this. I'll just randomly get a knock at the door. Being arrested for 3d glasses. That's almost as bad as my brother taking socks. Or was it underwear? Maybe shorts. I don't know. He did some stupid shit when he was younger.

But yeah, I'm a klepto. Leave nothing cool near me. Sorry.

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