Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cause Of Death

So for my comm class, we're gonna be paired up on Thursday and writing each other's obituaries. So I have to come up with a good death. I mean, in real life, I'd probably die of something like a car crash or like, killing myself(who knows what the future lies. haha) But I need a really good random death.

So how should I die?


Sam said...

Well your boyfriend JASPER CULLEN is a vampire and he decides to turn you into one but then you are too tasty so he drinks all your blood.
or is that too weird?
how about your playing Quidditch and you fall of your broom. oh that would hurt.
umm you die from eating too many candy buttons and fireballs on an empty stomach? that's kind of harsh..
i am really bad at this game. lol
and please don't say that you will kill yourself in the future that's majorly saddening :(

Sam said...

oh wait his name is JASPER HALE.
gosh i fail