Monday, October 13, 2008

Degrassi SUCKS

So, I have been a fan of Degrassi: The Next Generation since its like, third season. I mean, I probably would have been a fan earlier but I didn't have that channel. So once we got satellite and when I would stay up late to watch tv, I fell in love with this show. I mean, it really showed what teenagers go through. I mean, it really went there. That's why its slogan was "It goes there." Take some examples:

Twice there was a rape. The person was actually raped. I mean, there were courts against it. It was intense. They showed it once. The second time, someone tried to kill themselves after it.

Take the OC: Marissa Cooper was almost raped by a guy. Someone she knew, but she was almost raped, and dealt with it for an episode. It was bad.

In Degrassi, there was a school shooting. The guy actually shot. People really dealt. It was intense.

Take OTH's stupid school shooting episodes. They sucked basically.

But Degrassi really went there. It was such a good show. And, now, it's last of original castmembers went to college. So they had newer people in the high school.

And it royally sucks. I mean, it's turned cliche. And stupid. I mean, the teenage mother got a modelling career and dealt with very cliche bad influences. It was a bad episode. I mean, then there was the cliche smart girl who doesn't like any of those cool popular people but there's the smart sexy skater who's into her. It was fucking boring. I wanted to kill myself.

Seriously, this show sucks now. I miss the old seasons. Oh well. Time to go find some reruns of that show, and reminence on yet another show that was on and sucked. It should have stopped when it could. Like, before it gets bad. Too late for this show too.

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