Monday, October 13, 2008

Ali Lohan, You Cannot Act

Dear Ali Lohan,

Just because your sister can act doesn't mean you can. Because you suck. And I'm not saying that just because I hate you, because I do. But I spent two hours watching Mostly Ghostly, the movie with you, Madison Pettis, Miley's little sister, some big nerd, the red headed bully from Everyone Hates Chris, and the cruelly cute short kid from Minutemen(he's 13, wtf? Why do I find him cute? I am robbing the cradle, damnit). Anyways, all these kids could act. You couldn't. I mean, I know I could act better than you. You were supposed to play the super cute(which already is like, a massive stretch for you) dumb girl. I mean, sure, anyone can memorize lines, but you have to put some emotion in them. Like, you did nothing. You read lines. It was really pathetic. I mean, come on, Noah Cyrus can act better than you. She's like, 8. Not even. And she is ten times better than you. No, twenty times better.

So please stop while other people haven't been subjected to your bad ass acting. PLEASE.

BTW, that movie was really confusing. And I did waste two hours to watch it, just to be completely distracted at the end. I will never know how those kids became ghosts. I'd really like to know. Oh well. It was a cute movie.

Oh yeah, props to David DeLuise! He truly is a highlight in my Disney days. :)

And if anyone wonders why I watched the bad movie, I had a horrible stomach and really was too lazy to change the channel. Damn you fire balls. DAMN YOU.

So Ali Lohan, have you stopped acting? I better not see anything upcoming on your imdb list!!!


One movie. Troll. Very accurate for you.


Used to be a huge fan of Lindsay Lohan, and now a big fan of David DeLuise.

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