Thursday, October 9, 2008

Karaoke Vs. The Office

You'd think the choice would be easy. I mean, karaoke is funny to watch, but being in it is kinda scary. So why not sit in your room, safe from most embarrassment and watch the great show, the Office. Of course. So simple.

Yeah, not for me.

I'm always a hermit. Like, always. I waste most nights in my room sitting all alone watching tv or sleeping. And Thursdays are my only social day(yeah, I'd like more, but what can I do? I'm a shy hermit. I am terrified to ask people to do things. I never even ask my family to do things. I let them pick. Oh well). So when there was karaoke, it is fun to watch. And I do like to say I am a supportive friend. So when Jenn, of Ticket to Ride(I always like to pimp other people's blogs out, I feel other people who read this should read theirs, because it's good), was nominated to sing the Jonas Brothers' "SOS," her face went pale and she had no money to save herself. Her suitemate said she'd come up and I asked her, do you want me to come? Because well, everyone knows we're the Jonas freaks. In one of those sad, scared, quivering voices, she goes, "Not if you don't want to." Okay, seriously, no matter how frightened I was, how can I say no to that voice? She looked like she had seen someone with a gun, who would then proceed to kill her on stage. Really, I couldn't be some bitch and laugh and supposedly support my friend while sitting in the safety of my chair. So I went up. And let me tell you, there is a reason I don't do these things my friends. Really. It was terrifying. I mean, I was ok just singing and reading the screen(which frankly, I didn't need to do because I know every goddamn word to that song, counts and all) but thinking that people were watching me...well, the sick unstable, self-conscious monster inside reared her head. I haven't shook so much. I tried to get into it, to help Jenn, but well, she looked more scared than me.

Also, apparently, I was the only one singing. Awesome. I used what I call my "I don't care voice." The voice that I use when most people are around and I'm in a bad situation. Had I used my relatively nice singing voice and danced around and such, well, I probably would be....I don't know. Still. I know I need to get out more. I KNOW. Thank you, every person that seems to want to be my mother.

Then, as a joke, Jenn's suitemate's friend(who doesn't even go to our school) was nominated for "Best of Both Worlds." Jenn gets up and is like, alright, I'll go do it. I look at her and I believe she was like, "It's Hannah Montana, come on." Having gotten over first time jitters, I did it. And I can attest to the part in the opening of Hannah Montana that she does the head bob, both me and Jenn did it. And I held myself back from mixing it at "mix it all together." Oh yeah, since when the hell was that song so damn long? I had no effing idea.

So there, children, is my experience of karaoke. Second one. I did it once at an American Idols concert, and I vowed, never again. At least not if I wasn't shitfaced. And well, here I am, sober as ever, and I did it. Oh well.

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Sam said...

one word to describe what you did.
so freaking amazingly brave!
also i find nothign wrong with being a shy hermit in your room.
i'm sure it's pry not that healthy but hey i'm the same way.. well except i am not away at college but ohwellllllllllllllll
i spend my life at home. ahha
nothing's wrong with staying home as long as you got your RADIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO