Thursday, October 9, 2008

Victims of Hollywood

This seriously could be a storyline for a television story. And this is what I believe. I was feeling for Taylor Swift after the breakup with Joe Jonas a lot, and I was wondering why exactly Joe was being such a dick. Breaking up on the phone is a shitty thing to do. Then, I saw these photos. Here is one:
He looks miserable. And then I was reading, that he was forced, by his family no less, to break up with her. I think he liked her, she liked him, but the rumor mill was getting too much. I think that Disney and maybe even his family were like, we can't have this. Sorry. It's getting too much. And I get that. When relationships of celebrities start to shadow the actual talent, that's not something you want. Because eventually it will go sour. And I think the reason Joe Jonas broke up with her over the phone was so that he wouldn't see her. I don't think he wanted to break up with her. I think that it was an executive decision. Come on, when haven't you heard the story of the people above, be it parents, agents, managers, force their client, son, daughter, to break up with someone to save the pain and exposure later. I mean, really, it's a story as old as time. I've even written it a few times. The person breaks up with the other to save them. Maybe Joe didn't want people, like Disney, all over Taylor. Maybe to preserve her freedom as an artist. Because we all know Disney was watching Taylor with intensity. They wanted her, no doubt. And maybe now that they broke up, she was free. She could feel all this pain, but no one would stop her from writing it. Disney would I think.

I think I have to believe this, just because I still believe that Joe Jonas is a good person. I don't know. I'm probably wrong. I usually am. Oh well.

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Sam said...

I did read somewhere else that his family forced him to end it and no lie that made me really sad. because that means they are willing to make their son unhappy and i don't like thinking of mr and mrs. jonas like that. poor joseph poor taylor.
poor life. sigh.