Monday, October 20, 2008

Thoughts During the LoveBug Video

I was commenting on Jenn's blog about the music video. This music video. Because she was pissed about the story line that no one could follow or something. And I admit, I pretty much had no idea most of the time what was actually going on. Do you want to know what I thought about during the video? I'll give you my timeline thoughts:

I'll put this with second thoughts. You can then watch the video and see what I mean!

Beginning to 0:10(Big people pic thing): Who are those dudes? Am I at the right video?
(Note: I now see Jonas up at the top. :))
0:10-0:40(old people scene): I wonder if those girls are related to any Disney stars.....oh, wake up Grandpa!
0:40-1:00(Nick J walking): Holy fuck, Nick looks old and like his dad. Oh no. Oh dear no!
1:00-1:06(Random Shots):Who's the dude in the brown dotted shirt? And Camilla has big eyebrows.
1:06-1:09(Random Closeup): Who is that close up???(Note: I now realize that's Kevin)
1:09-1:10(Group pic shot): KEVIN!!! And who's other random chick?
1:10-1:12(Joe taking pic): Oh my Jesus, amazing shot. Need this shot. No lie. Must have. Right now. Go back. NOW.
1:12-1:24(Random closeups, grandchildren, pictures): Um, okay...
1:24-1:35(Joe at house): Is it 3 o'clock?
1:39:No way John Taylor!
1:35-1:45: Is that alcohol??? Oh it better not be!
1:45-2:00: What's going on?
2:00-2:02(Getting draft card):What's that? Is that important? A license?(Note: I rewound, and then understood)
2:02-2:10(Hiding card, Camilla Belle being herself): Oh snap, hiding it....and Camilla spins really slowly. Will she ever stop???
2:10-2:26(JoBros): Kevin! Mandalin!!!!
2:26: Who the fuck are those dudes?
2:26-2:36:I'm understanding, they're dancing.
2:36: Joe, tap dance dammit!!!!
2:26-2:52: How sweet, they're dancing.
2:52: GARBO! No way John Taylor!
2:53-3:30(Dancing): Great imagery. They're all fast, and they're slow! Aw. Hot shot of Joe grabbing mic, must have. Nick lifting guitar again? He really cannot fake playing guitar like that.
3:30-3:44(Ship Scene): Where are the boys? Why aren't they popping up?
3:44-3:46(Beach Scene): What's he writing??
3:46-3:50: Kevin! Do yo sexy thang.
3:50-3:54(in bunk): It's an emergency, you're just gonna sit there and kiss your ribbon? Do that while getting off your ass, man.
4:00-4:04: Oh it's going backwards, how neat.
4:06: What the fuck, Office Max?
4:13: Poster? What, where? Fuck that shit, I want one!!! I can't pick which yet. I'll get back to you on that. ;)

And there you have it. Story schmory. No lie. :)

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