Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Silver Fox?

Okay, so after the presidential debate, which I watched on CNN, it was Anderson Cooper 360. I don't pay much attention to the guy. He's like, old. And on a channel I don't watch often(but trust me, I'd like to) and I was watching him, and I thought, "wow, shit, he is sexy." And I got really scared. Like, WTF? I mean, seriously. This guys is like, older than my dad I think. I don't know. I just know he has grey hair, and I believe that would be like, a no-no for my mind to think cute. It really worries me. I mean, like, what next? I'll be like Anna Nichole Smith and marry some really old dude. He needs to at least be cute. Because ANS totally married for money, because that guy was FUG. No offense, but really. At least Anderson Cooper is like, good looking. Though, like, isn't he gay or something? Sigh, I never know what to believe. Oh well.

Oh, and what a kick ass name is Anderson Cooper? I'm sorry but that is a fucking bad ass name. Really. It's just really cool. Maybe I'll name my kid Anderson. No wait, no. He'll get made fun of. Plus, I already have my kids named and there's two(Lennon and Harrison....hmmm.... I don't know where I could have gotten those names from). And I do not intend on having two boys run me around. Fuck no.


Jenn Carpenter said...


He is the reason I watch CNN. Legit.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Hays Cooper
June 3, 1967 (1967-06-03) (age 41)