Thursday, October 9, 2008

He & Her

Today, my little kiddies, as per request from the lovely and talented Drowsy Observer, I'll be reviewing She & Him. Oh what fun, I know. Hearing me go on and on about each song. But hey, that's what I do. If you don't like that, go read the little snippets at Entertainment Weekly.

1) Sentimental Heart - This whole album has a very mellow vibe, which for me at this point, is kinda what I need. And Zooey Deschansel is a great singer. If anyone says otherwise, I'll punch them. Her voice isn't incredible, but it's good. It gives me hope for me, who loves to sing and doesn't have an extraordinary voice. This song kinda reminds me of the 80s. I don't know, it feels like the song is from a different generation. No, not 80s. I get a 70s vibe. Like, this song playing on a record player in a girl's room. Yep, that's where it is.

2) Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? - I like this song, the beat is really catchy. And random thought when she says, I'm on a shelf, Jonas and their song Shelf. Okay, I swear that will be the last mention of them. But I love the guitar in this song. It's really good.

3) This Is Not A Test - This song reminds me of a cool mix between the Beatles and Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley. It's a little folky, but I think, at least the music could be thought of as early Beatles, around A Hard Day's Night. But the lead is definitely reminscent of Rilo Kiley, around More Adventurous. I know I just threw out a lot of cd names and stuff, but hopefully you understand it. The only issue I have witht his song is the little human trumphet thing. I was not feeling it. At all. Eh.

4) Change is Hard - This song definitely has a country feeling. More like, a tropical country feeling. I don't know, the beginning sounded like it could be very island-esque, like tropical, but I feel like this song is definitely country, and I could see this performed in a sleazy bar. I'm not very into this song, just because the feeling of it is just too darn mellow. It doesn't work for me. I enjoy mellow, but this like, drags on to me.

5) I Thought I Saw Your Face Today - I really like this song. This cd keeps giving me different feelings of where each song could be played. I feel like this is a wintery New York song. I really like the chorus? With these songs, I really can never tell which is which. It diverges from the usual song structure, which definitely separates it from the rest, but it's hard to describe something I like, because I'm very used to listening to simply structured songs, such as Jonas(damn it, mentioned them again. Sorry). But I like this song, especially the whistling. I just love whistling in songs, because then I can perfectly sing along.

6) Take It Back - Definitely a 30s, 40s vibe. And I like that. I really could feel like this is a great slow song to dance to. Zooey's vocals are definitely used to perfection here, and I think these are the kinds of songs she sounds best in. But if they were to put out an album of just these kinds of songs, it'd be boring as shit. I like the little slow down, but it was dragging. It felt emotional, and I could see actors from Old Hollywood doing a slow dance scene to this.

7) I Was Made For You - A little pickup, a 50s vibe. I really like how this band definitely switches around what they're doing. Everything can be put into a different genre, nothing is the same. I really enjoy that. You never know what's gonna come up next. This is a little cutesy song, which is nice. I don't think Zooey's vocals fit this kind of song, so at some points, it gets a little cringe-worthy to hear her sing the high stuff. Not her best. But I still like it.

8) You Really Gotta Hold On Me - First off, I hate that they used 'gotta.' It doesn't make sense to me. I mean, gotta goes to got to. What they want is got a. And that really pisses me off. I hate that kind of stuff. It kind of ruins the song to me. But I like that you can finally hear the "him" in the song. I like his voice. It's nice. But Zooey kinda dominates the song, and I'd personally like to hear more of the "him"(M. Ward is his name? I think) But it's an okay song. Very slow, and minimal instruments, which I do like, because then you the vocals are what carries the song.

9) Black Hole - This is a nice song, I like it, and it's a little toe tap worthy. It's a fun song. I don't know what else there is to say about it.

10) Got Me - Very country, like, really country. The feeling is that it is being too stereotypical country, if there is a such a thing. Like, they went, let's do country, and they listened to all the old country and kinda mixed all the usual elements of it. I'm really not a fan of country. I do listen to Taylor Swift, but I must admit that some of her songs do have a pop feeling, even maybe rock, which might be why I listen to it. But this is just really overkill for me.

11) I Should Have Known Better - Beatles cover. And while I do love Beatles covers, I am a little unsure about this one. Once again it has that weird tropical country vibe. And they slowed down the tempo on this, which is one of the reasons I love the original in the first place. I mean, I remember hearing that song and going, ah, I love this. And this cover worries me. At least when the "him" sings, the song gets a little bit more bearable. Because I just think that Lennon and McCartney have this amazing sound put together. I mean, it's so gorgeous, and is shown off in this song. I always am up for hearing new Beatles covers, and I admit I worry every time I hear one. I admit I worried when Jonas did it, but I did enjoy that. I think I may have enjoyed it more than the original. And no, not because it was Jonas. I liked the feeling they added to it. They made me love the song more, and this song by She and Him makes me like it less.

12) Sweet Darlin' - I really like this song. It's catchy. I think I really like the faster tempo songs more. And Zooey's voice works great in the chorus. I absolutely love the chorus. It's fun.

13) Untitled - This song is okay. I like Zooey's voice, don't get me wrong. It's definitely different than anyone out there, but it tends to get on the annoying side with me. I don't know. And this is just alright.

Overall, it's an interesting albums. Different feelings for each song, and you can tell that they are very artistic and musically inclined, but I think they are a little too mellow for my taste, which must be saying something, since I do love mellow.

Grade: C

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