Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And the winner of American Idol will be named.....David.

I don't follow American Idol at all really anymore. I know a decent amount of names. I think. Actually, like three. David Archuleta, Kristy Lee Cook and David Cook. Because David Cook was the love child of Archuleta and Kristy, right? Right? Or did I get that completely wrong? I always do that. But I'll be watching tonight(A certain band of anti-huggers will be performing) since I always at least watch the last ten minutes. I like to know right away who wins so I dont talk to someone the next day and make a fool of myself. The last time I truly watched the entire season had to have been....the third season. Oh, Jon Peter Lewis. He was an awesome pen salesman. Gotta love him. I cried when he got voted off. I really did. Then I got to see him in concert....good times, good times. Yeah, I only like two AI winners: Kelly Clarkson(Never Again is the greatest song EVER) and Carrie Underwood. I only know that one song from Underwood, Before He Cheats. I like that one. Because other than that, she stinks. I think. She's all country and I do not like country. But Kelly was the shiz. First and forever the best. I mean, each of her albums had a bunch of good songs on it. I used to pretend I was gonna audition for American Idol. Apparently my future sister in law is good enough for it. My mom told her. Of course, that was at a drunken bachelorette party, so it might have been the Monkey Boys talking. Yeah that is definitely scary. I babysat kids while my mom went out drinking. She is so never invited to my bachelorette party. I do not want her to see me in intoxicated. Yeah, that would be a big no no.

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