Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cupcakes are just a feel good time.

Earlier this week, me and the lovely Sam made cupcakes. I just ate another, and damn, we are awesome bakers! We should like win a prize. I mean, they were awesome. With icing from scratch. Yeah, we are that cool. This is my third venture into baking cupcakes; I've become a master at writing things on cupcakes. So if you need any writing on a cake or so, I'm your gal. Hands of an expert baker. Yes yes, that's me.

Here are some photos of the lovely cupcakes. If you want one, just contact one of us. Two bucks a piece. Jk. If you say you got the idea from here, we'll give you a 50% discount! Then its only a buck! Plus tax, ;)

1 comment:

Sam said...

hahah yup only one dollar plus tax!
and yeah we are just that awesome!