Thursday, May 29, 2008

Avert your eyes

Yes, I warned you. How fucking scary is that shit? Like, ah! I mean, I'm sorry but Heidi Montag is scary as shit. She is fine on the Hills, but in real life(which, technically, the Hills is real life. So wait, what is real real life? celebreal life? Sure) she is psychotic. I mean, how desperate can you be? I doubt that any decent human being would go and pose in a veil on the cover of a magazine saying, I wanna be married! Why does she even need to? She was engaged, and broke off the engagement. It's her own damn fault she's begging. Like, she is just too much of a fame-whore. And I know all types of whores. There's the real legit whores(who I'm betting are the nicest of whores), then you have fame whores like Heidi Ho-Bag and her man slave, then there's blog-whores like me(Come on, 65 in less than a month? That is whoring it up), and youtube whores which will be me, but not yet; I haven't joined the ranks of Chris Crocker and all those other crazy youtubers. Actually, I doubt I'll ever become that crazy. I mean, I don't think I'm gonna do a video about like, "Leave Jonas Brothers Alone!" Ha, actually that would be funny. But I would take it too seriously. I think I'll do one on like, say, Heidi Ho-Bag. Then you know I be lying. Haha, that would just be too fun. Excuse me while I go write up my script for that.

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