Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just Not Feeling Jonas

Yeah, I know, look at that pic. Nick is like, wtf? Today is like, an unJonas day. Like, I don't care for them today. I don't know, it's like, a book now? Are you serious? This publicity is really getting annoying. Like, I mean, gosh, stop with the Jonas-mania. I'm sick of it. I mean, I love them, but this media attention is like, gosh. People are milking them for all they have. I mean they must love it, but it just annoys me. I hate when a celebrity gets a ton of attention. Then the fun is lost. I mean, I love going somewhere and searching for something Jonas. It just gives me a thrill. I do that with all my obsessions. Orlando Bloom, Coldplay, the Beatles, the OC, Alice, any of them. I'm a constant searcher. Like, OB got too big, and now even Alice. So many places have stuff of hers in their stores. I still get so excited when I see something, but I feel like I gave her the start. I obsessed the book and stuff way before you saw Alice shirts in Hot Topic, Delia's, Kohl's, and I'm betting WalMart. When stuff is easy to find, the rush is gone. I miss the rush. It's been happening for a while with the Jonas Brothers. More and more stores. More and more publictity. The minute Nick hits 18, Disney's gonna drop them. Probably sooner. I'm guessing they got at most two years left with Disney. Then, back to whatever. Same thing with anyone. I kinda wish the Jonas Brothers would fall from fame. Yeah, it would make them easier to meet. But I also thinking their songwriting would just increase. They gotta take time off and just....I don't know. Sigh.

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