Monday, May 26, 2008

Loving Lovato

Okay, so before I was just like, yeah Demi Lovato is mad cool. Now I'm like, she fucking rocks. I'm addicted to the few songs I've found of hers, and like, I'm just in love. Man, Lovato! Like, for shiz. I can't do this. She's fucking 15 years old. Of course that hasn't stopped my obsession with Hannah Montana. Man, I am just way too childish. Sigh. Judge me all you want. I've accepted it. Reverted back into the little kid age. I looooove looking at Hannah Montana stuff. Not so much the High School Musical. I don't know. I just don't like the second one a whole lot. Or any of the stuff. Maybe when the third one comes out, I'll be super happy and seriously just buy out a Claire's store. Or steal it all. That Lehigh Valley worker totally knows I'm a klepto, so maybe not that one. I probably will go in and they'll be all over me. Not that I don't blame them. I did take something. Oh crap, I totally just outed myself there. Don't tell the Claire's lady! She probably found this, and reads this, and is like, "I KNEW IT!!!" And she'll go to tell her coworkers and they'll just stare. She'll be on a mission to destroy me. Great. Another person hellbent on destroying me. Sigh. Oh Coldplay commercial! Yeah, that's a little selling out, but clearly, I do not mind at all. Any time to see Coldplay is fine with me. Because they are the bomb. Wait, what was this post about? Uh...lemme check. Oh yeah, Lovato. She kicks ass. Seriously, get her songs "Open" and "Stronger." Both are like, woah. Ha, Aly & AJ reference! Score a point for me!

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