Thursday, May 22, 2008

I seriously don't think I can do this anymore.

I mean, I love the Jonas Brothers, but I just think they are getting too much exposure. The more and more that Disney pushes them, the less I like them. I mean, it's really making me sick. I mean, come on. Dolls? Did we really need fucking dolls? No. I don't know, I just wish Jonas wasn't as child-friendly. They need to get away or something, but Disney has sunk their teeth in. They're too wholesome to leave. I'd probably never be allowed at Disney. Of course, Lindsay Lohan was there and Britney Spears, and anything I've done is not nearly as bad as those two. But I mean, seriously, stop the madness. I feel like a sick feeling in my stomach that as the more Camp Rock is being loved and promoted, the madder I get, and the sicker I get. Ugh. Disney, I like you, but why do you kill things? HSM basically was ruined for me. Hannah Montana almost was. Don't do it to Jonas. Please? No, you won't listen.

Excuse me while I go throw up and decide what to do with my Jonas obsessed life now.

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Sam said...

I know...seriously...i know those dolls are the scariest things i have ever seen in my life...well besides that shirt at the Q Concert lol. but i mean come on i will not be buying those...ever.......if i do kill me.k? cause i mean that's scary
really really really scary.