Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer Fried Rice's

This morning, very early in the morning, I was introduced to the all holiness of Rice's. Wow. Was in amazement. Seriously. They had the best Sno Cone place. Like, oh my gosh, it was so big. And for three bucks! Four scoops! The lady gave me four scoops of ice. I freaking pay for one scoop at a buck twenty five at QMart. Ripoff! Though I do like QMart's flavoring a bit more, but I think there are just more points for the ice quantity and price ratio than the flavoring. I'm just gonna have to take my own flavoring next time to Rice's and then BAM! Perfection. I need to buy a snow cone maker. I gotta get on that. Note to self: BUY SNOW CONE MAKER. Or, if any of you lovely readers would like to get me a present, you now know what I want. ;)
Oh yeah, Rice's had a bunch of other stuff. I bought waaaayyyy too much stuff. Some Juicy stuff, a new wallet, some buttons(one of which was the Beatles, also known as Led Zepplin. Seriously, if you're selling a button, like, know who are on your buttons. SERIOUSLY.) and I think I got some other stuff. Oh yeah, Pink pants, and uh........I don't remember. I just remember the snow cone. That shit was amazing. Go to Rice's. Snow Cones are the shiznit.

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