Friday, May 23, 2008

I forgot how much of a studmuffin Zac Efron is

After the buzz of High School Musical went by, and then the Jonas Brothers took their rightful place among teen hearts, people kinda forgot Zac(quiesha, to the Perez fans) Efron. Like, people just kinda flip past him in magazines, and he has to compete for the spotlight against newer heartthrobs on the block. But while searching for some HSM 3 pics, I came across this:

And man, how adorable is he? That's from 17 Again, some new film that comes out in 09. I think Matthew Perry plays the older him. Yeah, I know, those two look nothing alike. Both are cute, but in waaayyyy different ways. Seriously though, aw, Zac is a cutie. I like completely forget through all the Jonasmania. I mean, Jonas and Hannah Montana quickly took over Disney. They just did HSM2 not even like, a year ago, and that is just so old and over. They have Camp Rock now. But whatever. I'll watch both. Of course I'll pay to see HSM3 and 17 Again. Zac Efron is a hottie! I mean, yeah he's with that slutty Vanessa Hudgens(I can never look at her the same) but he's a nice refresher from what you usually see. I just love that pic. Man, let's get Zac Efron back into popularity. Or am I wrong? Is he still cool? Somebody ask a twelve year old girl. There lies the answer.

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