Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Forgive me Potter Pals, I forgot...until now!

Daniel Radcliffe. Yummy. I better be going to see him in Equus(Kim, you hear me?) and until this very second, I completely forgot there was a movie featuring the awesome HP would be coming out in November. I love HP birthday presents. It doesnt beat the time when it came out on my birthday. That was awesome. And sweet, now my brother can pay for the tickets. That sucked when I had to. Especially after spending an entire summer at the movie theater with my peeps(yes, I did just say peeps.) and getting free movies. That better happen this summer. I also need to get my job at Superfresh back. People remind me to call them tomorrow. I'll forget, like I did today. I have a horrible memory. I remember the stupidest things, but when it comes to real interesting and important stuff like a job or Harry Potter, I forget. Selective memory, I suppose.

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