Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones and the BAMF'ing movie


So today I witnessed the all holiness of Indiana Jones. Incredible. Like, I admit I haven't seen the first three fully through, but the good thing about this is, you didn't. It was better if you did, but even I knew a bunch of the past movie inside jokes. Really, incredible is the word to describe it. Of course, the ending was a little odd, and I almost got really mad, but they fixed it. Steve Speil and George Lucas know what they're doing.

First off, Harrison Ford. For being like, sixtysomething, he is still eye candy. Even against Shia LeBeouf(and yes I spelled that right...probably because I have it in big lettering next to me). But really Harrison was awesome. I was like, dude, he did all his own stunts? GET OUT. He was fucking killer! Like, totally BAMF. I mean, you do not want to mess with that dude. Like, I wish I was in one of his classes. I mean, I would totally learn archeology or anthropology and that shit if he was teaching it. And I got to go on one of his kick ass adventures. Yeah, the adventure is the clincher. Otherwise, no deal. I usually fall asleep in anthropology. Many people can attest to me doing that. I just texted or slept. Good times. But really, Harrison Ford kicked some major ass. Like, shit, he is better than all the action heroes now. Not that I can think of any real iconic ones now that aren't superheroes. Though he probably could whoop a few superheroes' asses. Spiderman, I'm looking at you. I mean, Indy and that whip. I wouldn't mind being caught by that. Mmm....Is it odd that I find a guy older than my dad hot? I guess that's the appeal of Hugh Hefner.

Now, Shia LeBeouf. DAMN. Break me a piece of that greasy hottie. Like, he was also bad ass. But like, he wasn't as good as Harrison Ford, but he totally was awesome. Like, trying to be a cool guy, but really, he's just a little kid. He was like the audience pretty much. The new generation. We never knew this guy, and all of a sudden, we're just thrown there. And we try to be really cool and all, like we've seen it all before since like every movie is a giant action movie, but we ain't seen nothing yet. We are thrown back in time to a really amazing adventure that doesn't require superhero powers or the supernatural(well, I'll get back to that one.)

Third, Cate Blanchett. Does she rock or what? Whatever she does is amazing. Like, she is in all the big blockbuster movies, and you would not recognize her. She was Galadriel, from Lord of the Rings. Two totally different people, yet she owned both of them. And she was pretty scary. That hair was just too tight. You would not want to give her a noogie. The only thing that sucked about her was the way she died. Like, WTF? I was expecting one more awesome fight.

Alright, here are some small thoughts I had during it:

BUGS! Ew, ew, ew. What made it worse was that my phone vibrated at the same time bugs were all over the people. AH, scary! I almost screamed. And I was going nuts during the bug scene. Ask Kim. She can attest to that.

Aliens. Um, awkward!!! Like, that was where I kinda was like, they went too far. I mean, I was told they all go into the supernatural somehow, but this was a little ludicrous. And stereotypical. Total alien stereotype. Pfft. At least change it around.

Janitor!!! Woot, go Janitor. (From Scrubs, if you didn't know). But how dare you go off on Indy! You have no right!!!!!

Caleb!!! Oh, the OC(and Lost...and I think Heroes?) fanatic in me went nuts. I love Alan Dale. He is the shiz.

Oh, and who didn't see the Mutt Williams being Indy's son thing? I mean, I knew it. haha. Stupid spoiling people.

The ending. Like, alright, what was with the hat rolling to Mutt. I mean, hello, no!!!!! He could not hold the story. It's all about Henry Jones JR. Not the third. He's just a fun sidekick. They were right with having Indy grab that from him.

Oh yeah, there is definitely not gonna be another. The ending was TOO final. Which made me happy. No more. I'm satiated.

People, seriously, go see the movie. I'm going to see it again tomorrow. Heck yes.

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