Saturday, May 24, 2008

Random Indiana Jones Thoughts

While watching the second time, some random thoughts came into my head throughout the night:

~Wow, Shia LaBeouf is HOTT. Like, day-umm.
~Cate Blanchett's skin is super smooth. Like, wow. I just want to touch it.
~I want an Indy hat.
~Who the fuck's side is Mac on???
~What the hell happened to Indy with that skull? Like, he was fine. WTF?
~I hope I don't miss the Jonas Brothers online because of this.
~Ohemgee, those monkees have the same do as Shia!
~Bugs terrify me. Get them away!!!!!
~Aw Mutt covered his mom from blasts. HOW CUTE!!!
~Why do natives just like, hide in the ceiling, waiting for people? That has to be boring.
~And how the heck did they get up there?
~What the hell was the purpose of the sandtrap? Just to get stuff in that didn't fit anywhere else?
~Everytime I want to type Jones, I type Jonas first. ;P

Yep, that was me.

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