Thursday, May 22, 2008

Me and the HSM Cast are all in this together

Yes, that is me, next to the pretty HSM 3 sign at the movie theater. And yes, people stared. What of it? I didn't have enough time to take pics with Wall-E, and Zohan and the Hulk. Maybe next time. That place is a silly photo person's dream. Seriously. It was like me with the wax figures. I could not be stopped. Though I did, because the stares were getting to me. Oh well.
Anyways, I'm pretty excited for the big screen High School Musical. I love the Tis(dale). She is my favorite. I mean, she is perfect as Sharpay. Hey, she's the reason my nickname is Akita and my Finnish Spitz is Finnish Spitz. Good ol' High School Musical. I love Disney movies. They are just so much fun. I want to have a marathon of them. If you'd like to join, just tell me. I'll bake cupcakes!

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