Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Damn expensive neck pillows.

I admit, I am a Jonas Brothers conseiur. I spelled that wrong. Oh well, you know what i went. I think. It sounds like con-oo-sewer. Yep, Im a conoosewer. Alright, whatevs. That means that if there is a Jonas Brothers mention, such as, say Corn Pops, I must have it. Therefore, when I see a neck pillow, I must go, Neck Pillow! (Search youtube for jonas brother one week if you are out of the loop) and then I grab said neck pillow, put it on for a second, then check the price. Fucking nine dollars. Who spends nine dollars on a neck pillow? Not me. I'm good with my money(despite the fact I spend 25 dollars on wigs....yes, wigs. Gotta have them). Relatively good. I need a job. Stupid bitch who hates me at Superfresh. They probably all lost hope in me. And trust me, I would not go back if I didn't need the money. I kinda have to pay my dad back, and I want to do something for his birthday(I won't say what because I told him the address to this, so I might spoil it!) and I want to buy stuff. I'm a spender. And that will not fly if I want to get to Europe. Eh, I'll just bartend all next year. If you need me, I'll be practicing my beverage concoctions. I'll also have to taste them to make sure they're good. Oh, tonight will be a fun night.

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