Friday, May 23, 2008

Ha, Jonas Brothers are just as good as Coldplay!

Look at that, look at that. Coldplay, Jonas Brothers. My two current favs. Yes! I was so excited to see that. The Jonas Brothers join the ranks with Weezer and Dave Matthews Band and Motley Crue as the hottest albums. I don't count V Hudge Pudge and Man-iara. They aren't real artists. The rest are bands. Good bands. Yay for Entertainment Weekly! They put Coldplay and JoBros near each other. I mean, yeah, they faltered with Usher as the front cover, but I'll let it go, because the Jonas Brothers were included in hot albums. I feel vindicated. Like, finally, they are in a real magazine not for their hot looks. They're in there for their MUSIC. Yeah, I know, they do play music. Crazy, huh? I know. Check out their albums.

OH! And check out my lovely friend Sam's blog!!!! and then my friend's friend's blog:

I hope I got that right. lol

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