Monday, September 29, 2008

Bell of the Ball

So I was watching Heroes earlier(more on that later), and Kristen Bell was on. I got super excited. Like, probably more excited than justifiable. But I suppose I'll explain my love for the amazing, gorgeous, totally fucking awesome Kristen Bell.

So, about like, forever ago, it feels, there was a perfect, funny, suspenseful, intense, all around amazing show called Veronica Mars. This is where I feel in love with this Kristen Bell.

Seriously, the show was amazing. I mean, if you haven't watched it, please do. I suppose I can let you borrow the first season on dvd. For real. If you want a great tv show that was really smart throughout its entire run, this is the show. I mean, granted, the third season lost some spark. I got that. But it was still good. Everyone always worries about the sophomore slump. I swear the show got better in the second season. I mean, Logan and Veronica? LoVe. Literally. Lo(gan) + Ve(ronica) = LoVe. :) Best shipper name ever.

And not to mention, the actors were brilliant. I mean, Kristen Bell was smart, funny, sarcastic, and endearing. It was her perfect role. And Jason Dohring was so great. His vulnerability that rarely showed was just too amazing. I mean, I wish this show had won an Emmy. It might have showed you know, everyone, what an amazing show it was. Veronica Mars was one of the first shows that had such an intense fandom to save the show from cancellation. Twice. It really thrived while on CW. It may have not been it's biggest audience drawer, but it was so perfect. Raw, and interesting. I mean, these writers knew what the hell they were doing. But then the damn networks got in the way for the third season. They wanted to make it easier to catch onto. Bullshit. They shoulda stuck to what they knew. It would have worked.

Now, I don't just love Kristen Bell because of her work on Veronica Mars. A little remake of Reefer Madness was fucking amazing. I mean, I bet the original was probably funnier, but the remake was still great. I recommend it.

And I guess this year, or last year, I don't know, was when the world kinda caught onto Kristen Bell like crazy. She voices Gossip Girl(that girl is amazing with voiceovers. No lie) and then she got an arc on Heroes. Perfection. I mean, Elle is a little whiner than I like my Bell, but nevertheless, I still love her. I guess I still see her as VMars like, all the time.

And then, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Unfort, I haven't seen the movie. But I really really want to. My initial draw? The fact that Kristen Bell was in, and now, even more, Jason Segel. I so need to see this fucking movie. Because from what I heard, it's amazing. Hello, its VMars and Marshall!!!!! What's not to love? Oh and that virginity hatin' Russell Brand. Okay, point here: I really don't care that he made fun of the Jonas Brothers. Whatever. I honestly don't care. Everyone and their mom makes fun of the Jonas Brothers. Pfft. They are just jealous.

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The Drowsy Observer said...

forgetting sarah marshall is an awesome movie! i can't believe you haven't seen it yet! we are def going to have to watch it!