Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Heart ?

And yes, I did make that a Taylor Swift song reference. Yeah, I know. I'm lame. But hell, who the fuck isn't.

So the point of this is because I realized that I totally thought these random three dudes totally hot. And no, they aren't named Kevin, Nick, and Joe. They go by the names of Zachary, Nicholas, and Cole.

1) Zachary Levi

Yes, I know that I have never seen his show Chuck. I've been told I should. But for serious, I already can't keep up with the shows I watch now. But I was watching Best Week Ever last night, and him and this other dude were on, and I just went, wow, he's hot. Like, really cute. May I jump him? I'd love to show our love of Wham! with him.(Note: that's what they were doing on Best Week Ever. Random, but awesome) I mean, his hair, rawr, I wanted to give it a noogie. And that's kinda an affection thing I think of. I don't know. I'm really weird.

2) Nicholas Braun

Exactly what I thought, who the fuck is this guy? But I was watching Minutemen(which seemed alright from what I saw) and he's the tall one of the three Minutemen. I was like, he is def cute. I wonder how tall he is. He's like, 6'5" or 6'6". I was like, um...that's a foot taller than me. But I'd be cool with that. He also is gonna be in that movie with Selena and Demi, Princess Protection Program. I was like, right on. He'll be my eye candy for the movie. I love me some eye candy.

3) Cole Sprouse

I know, I know, What. The. Fuck. But for some reason, he got cute. Not the other one. Ew. Cole got taller and slightly better looking. Like I was watching The Suite Life on Deck(which kinda sucks), and I suddenly wondered, why am I feeling slightly attracted to this goofy as fuck 16 year old? It really worried me. It still worries me.


The Drowsy Observer said...

Ok, Zach Levi I can get behind, chuck is awesome, and he is totally hot. The other two? Not so much. Thumb down.

[p.s. I think I'm going to make thumb down another one of my 'things']

[p.p.s. I am totally commenting more on your stuff. look at me go with all the blogging and stuff.]

[p.p.p.s that was weird. sorry.]

Sam said...

okay ready for this I FREAKING LOVE NICHOLAS BRAUN! random note. he was the kid who glowed in Sky High! hahaha. i know weird. honestly after Minutemen came out i was like he's way cute so i researched him. and he's going to college like a normal kid. i was like uh he's awesome. lol. yup. and Zachary Levi is way cute too. i watched Chuck one time. but i was confused cause i randomly watched it lol. but it was funny.
and cole is def the cuter of the two but idk. lol
and i lovve the T. Swift reference :) i love going around saying that to myself. which is pry weird.
oh and another random note. the beginning of the word verification is boy. haha.