Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This Makes Me Want To Vomit

Jump A Jonas

Really, now. That is sick. They are determined to prove the boys have had sex. Do these people have no lives? Honestly. Just leave it the fuck alone, you 50 year old losers. Just because you nailed the first drunk ugly slut because you have no self esteem doesn't mean everyone else has to.

Seriously, I really feel bad for people who have purity rings. It's their vow, and they're condemned because they care enough and are proud enough to show their thoughts. I mean, really. Why does everyone in Hollywood have to be so fucked up? Why can't we believe there are honest and decent people? Really. They exist. I know of some. I do. I happen to be one of them.

I don't feel ashamed to say I'm a virgin, and no one should be. I mean, I think where the Jonas Brothers have issues is they always say, "be pure until marriage" not "remain a virgin until marriage." But what is the big deal? I say that they have never lied about these things, so why should they lie about this? I mean, first off, Kevin had a purity ring before even hitting it big. He was 16. Therefore, if he took it seriously, which I have no doubt he did, he is a virgin. No offense, but he was a nerd at his school and all three have said they did not have many friends. Kevin's relationship with Zoe Meyers can be questionable, but I'm sorry, if he wrote an angry song and they broke up and everything, I would think she'd like to say they've had sex. She's not that famous. She could use the publicity. Except....that's right, they didn't have sex with each other.

What about Joe? He's dated AJ Michalka, Mandy, Taylor Swift, he had to have done it. I'm sorry, but he claims to have been 16 when he had his first kiss. I personally think the boy is not good in relationships. I'm not saying jealousy or anything, more like awkward. I think he was actually raised right and doesn't want to hurt a girl, so he is shy in a relationship. I don't know.

And now Nick. Seriously. The boy just turned 16. He dated Miley for what she says, two years. I mean, she has also pledged abstinence, and I believe them both. Once again, the boy was raised right. As for Miley, ok, so she took some "naughty" pics. People do stupid things after they break up with someone who was their"everything 24/7 for two years." I would do stupid stuff too. You would want to prove you're better off without the person. She wanted to show she was sexy, and could get any boy she wanted, and he should regret his decision.

With Nick dating Selena, I still doubt they have had sex. It's odd for me to talk about two people who I have never met having sex, but this really angered me. I mean, dear gosh, they haven't even said they're dating. Do you honestly think they would have enough time to be able to? These boys are photographed all the time, as with Selena and all the other Disney people. They have no time to themselves. I always wonder how they even take a shower without getting photographed. I mean, they're under the scrunity of the world every second, do you think that even would, if they so desired, attempt to be with a person? I mean, Kevin says it's hard to date people. I get that. Personally? I think if Nick and Selena or Taylor and Joe or Kevin or Danielle are doing anything, it's casual dating. Like, not even considering each other boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe Kevin and Danielle do. But she's a family friend of the family, so it isn't hard to think she wouldn't be with them a lot.

Seriously, that website and everything may do this in jest, but it's like, we get it, they're pure. Oh my gosh. Stop with the jokes. Sure, you could say them to get a laugh, but they get old. It's not shocking anymore. It's not funny. 104.5 WSNX, go die in a fire. Catch up with Russell Brand, could you? Thanks.

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