Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Test Story

So, I thought I'd tell me really crazy test story I had today.

Well, it was Sociology. And everyone knows this teacher is hard. Like, she's really cool, but her tests are hard. A bunch of people told me that. She's all like, you need to reading the book all the time! And I didn't even own the book til the day before the damn test.

So last Tuesday was the test. I bought the book on Monday, and like the diligent student I am(cue snickering from the peanut gallery), I skipped watching the season premiere of Heroes(which was fucking crazy....I just watched it yesterday) and studied. Yes, studied. I highlighted, and repeated, and looked at notes. I was pretty darn proud. I mean, I put funny comments in my book(I believe Edward Cullen may have been written in there....yeah, I'm into Twilight now. Sue me.) and all that jazz.

Anyways, it was Tuesday, and I took the test. It wasn't that hard. Whatever.

Cut to today, because I missed Thursday due to sickness.

I'm sitting there, and the girl next to me comes in. So I ask, did we get the test, and she's like yeah. Like, 30 people apparently failed. I'm like, shit. There's 50 in the class. And she's like, I failed by 3 points. I was like, well, that's not horribly horrible.

So I get my test and I see 63 + 5 on it. I was like, sweet!!!! A D+. No lie. I was so happy I didn't fail. I mean, come on. If most of the class failed, this is pretty good.

So I sit down and the girl looks and goes, wow. 67.(Note: she didn't seem too amazing at math). She goes, that's good. And I'm all like, I know. It's sad that high D is good. And she like stares and is like, that isn't a D. It's like a B or something(note math problem again). I'm just looking at her like, "girl who sits next to me Say What?" And I try to tell her, it was out of 100. And she's like, no, it's out of 75. I'm just like, Oh shit. Did I like, do really good? The teacher then proceeded to say that anything over a 67 1/2 is an A.

Fuck yes.

I got an A.

Beat that all the failing people. Bam!

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Jenn Carpenter said...

thats epic. i must admit.