Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jo! Jo!

Okay, so today, while checking all the Demi Lovato sites I can think of, one mentioned that for Demi's new tv show, Sunny With A Chance, Nancy McKeon will play her mom.

Nancy Fucking McKeon.

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! I looooove her. No lie. She was my favorite on Facts of Life. I mean, I thought I was just like her, the bad ass tomboy(which I'm pretty much not anymore). I mean, that show, plus most of Nick @ Nite was my life when I was little. Oddly enough, I grew up on most of the shows my mom did, because Nick @ Nite was ALWAYS on my tv. Facts of Life, Three's Company, Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island. They were my shit. I fucking loved those. I still remember getting into the Brady Bunch. For like a month, I had my hair just like Marcia, season one. And for a while, I walked so my hair would bounce from side to side like Jan's. And then with Facts of Life, I wore roller skates for probably a year, just to be like Tootie season one. I mean, I'm not lying about this stuff. Ask my mom. I skated around the house all the time. My poor Grammy, sick and everything, and there I am whizzing around on skates. You can even see some evidence of that. Random signs I made, like skating stop signs and then something for fixing outfits? I don't know, I was a really weird kid. You'd be really weirded out if you knew what I did when I was little. Sigh. I was lonely, alright? I had four siblings, then none. So I would make up like, entire schools of people. Yeah, I did. What of it.

Wow, this is completely off topic, but yay for nancy McKeon! I can so see her as the mom. And I am sooooooo excited. Almost as excited for Demi being on the show.

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Sam said...

i love your randomness