Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'd Like To Prefer To Wallow in Sickness Alone, Please

Today is a sick day for me. And sick days at school mean doing whatever I goddamn please in my room. I like to sing along horribly to my music, and rarely leave. I like to blast music, the tv, read a book and sit on the computer simultaneously. I like to look like a bum that hasn't been in a shelter for a week.

With a roommate, this is hard to do. But I would have thought since she's a big sports player and has classes, I would be alone. I thought. But no. I'm sitting, looking like a bum, in front of her and her friend. If anyone knows me at all, I do not like to look like a bum in front of anyone. I take what I look like very seriously. I want to look my best so people don't think I'm a bum. Sick days are the only days I like to look like a bum, or rather, I don't care.

But when people sit in your room and make you fucking awkward, I feel judged. And when it's a sick day, that isn't supposed to happen.

Go away. Go away. Go away.

I want to sing and be a bum, por favor.

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