Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Just fuck it. Fuck my life. People, do you not know me? You know I get obsessive? Like, dangle something in front of me, and I will jump at it and basically become obsesed. Examples? Hanson. Orlando Bloom. The OC. Lost. Supernatural. Coldplay. Jonas. Harry Potter. Demi Lovato. The Beatles. Alice in Wonderland.

While I don't think I'll become massively obsessed with this, I am fucking super excited for November 21st.

You bitches dangled this in my eyes.

I see like, ten Twilight things every day. I saw the trailer(which made me get mildly interested in it). And Flair is covered with the Cullens. I mean, I hadn't read a page and I knew way too much about the series. And then I keep hearing, "It's so good" and "I'm pretty obsessed" and then there's those crazy people with the Twicon(now that's odd) so I finally gave in and was like, fine. I'll read your damn book.

Damn book.

I'm not even done and I love it. Love love LOVE it. So good. Fucking Stephanie Meyers. Her writing is exactly my style. Fuck her. I mean, why did she have to write such good books? God Damn her.

So anyways....

I'm partially obsessed. I beg of you people, please don't let me like go overboard. We've seen how that goes so many, many, MANY times.


Sam said...

lol told you so
and i am beyond excited for this movie!

Jenn Carpenter said...

yay fellow twilighter!

and yeah with all the flair and bumperstickers, I knew what happened with most of the story before I read it. lol.