Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Failing With The Stars

Okay, it wasn't complete fail. I'll admit that. But that title was too perfect.

Anyways, Jesse McCartney(who wants to buy u a drank) and the Jonas Brothers performed on Dancing With the Stars. First off, I fucking hate this show. Hate it. It's really stupid. Like, I don't give a fuck. I mean, stupid has-been celebs are dancing. Wow, what a phenonmean! Really, just stop with this. These people aren't even has-beens now. I mean, I'm betting next season that like, Joe Jonas will go on. He liked the dancing.

But first off, I don't know what was up with the music, but both JMac and Jonas kept going to the wrong note. Jonas less, which I dealt with. I could barely sit through JMac. Fail. Fail. Fail.(Have we gotten the idea I love this word? Because I do.) I mean, Leavin' is so old now. For serious. That song was my shit at the Q Concert. Back in May. Why the eff is he still milking this cow? This better be the last time it's performed. Because it was failure. I used to like the song, but after tonight, my ears will never be the same.

But then Jonas went on. And other than the few wrong notes(which I think were Kevin on the madalin? I'm not sure. It was either Kevo or Nick), they were great. I loved the light up stairs and when Joe tap danced(he wasn't really tapping, I'm pretty sure, but with the other dancers, he at least looked like he was.), I kinda died. Fucking shit, when he tap dances, I pretty much die. Like, he needs to stop. Now. No, wait, never stop, bb, it'll be sad.

But then they rocked it out. In my opinion, this performance was better than the VMAs. It just was. I don't know. They could have done muuuccchhh more at the VMAs. But whatever. Done, and over with.

Overall, JMac = Fail. Jonas = Win. Yep, I'm going with that.

Oh and I loooved the hatred Adam Corolla has for Cody Linley. So funny. I was laughing a lot then. :)

And in case you missed it! Winning-ness from Jonas.

And failure from JMac.

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Sam said...

umm dude i am so angry i didn't get to see them perform on the big screen. sigh.
but that was aweeesomeeeeeeeeeeee dude like those stairs amazing!
and Joe tap dancing with the dancers was way awesome.
the only thing was when those lady dancers were like shaking there butt's i was like uh wtf. what the heck it was kind of random for that song. haha. gosh they rock. and thanks for posting it :D