Friday, September 26, 2008

Almost Breaking My Own Fashion Rule

So, I love band tees. I really do. Lately, it just seems to complete an outfit. But I have this issue. This thing that bothers me. I refuse, absolutely refuse, to wear a shirt with a band on it where I do not have a cd or even a song on my ipod. Case in point: I almost bought a Rolling Stones shirt tonight. It was really cute, but then I went, "wtf me? I don't listen to them." I mean, there's no doubt that the Rolling Stones are an amazing band. I just haven't gotten into them. And if I wore a t-shirt with them on it, it'ssaying I ejoy their music. But I haven't done that yet. So then I'm a liar. And well, that's just not right. Like, I wanted a Ramones shirt. And I thought, I'm not buying it(or making it in my case) until I download at least one cd, and judge it, and see if I actually like it. Like, I really don't like people who wear these band t-shirts and they don't listen to them. For serious, I worry about Demi. She wears all those old band t-shirts, and I don't know if she listens to them. But whatever. It's just my opinion, but it's true. ;)

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