Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When the FUCK did he turn 30?

Benjamin McKenzie. Seriously. He looks exactly as he did in the OC, which only ended like, two years ago. Because that's right, it would have been in its sixth season had it survived. I miss that show. But anyways, I had no idea B-Mac was this old. Like, it's a bit off-putting. I'm always talking about people like, my age, younger too, and this was my favorite show for four years, and he is way old now. I'm also kinda sad. I hope his show does well. He is a good actor. I mean, Junebug. Hello? Awesomeness! I went to see it because of him, but it was such an amazing movie. I mean, it was Amy Adams' breakthrough. Which is weird to think about because she's so popular now. But whatever. I can't believe Ben McKenzie is this old. Sigh. I still think he's hot.

Rager(Ryan + Summer from the OC) FOREVER.

He'll always be my Broody Bear Ryan Atwood. :D

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