Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Jonas Brothers Are the Reason I'm Apparently Going To Hell

No lie. Well, there are a lot of other factors, since according to Kirk Cameron, I am a horrible person.


Get some lolz.

Take the "Are you a good person?" test. The test is ridic. I was only able to say I was innocent to one. I have never murdered. Oh wait, dang it, I admitted to that in the beginning of this whole blog. Damn it. I am the ultimate sinner. Whoops.
Oh and apparently hatred is equivalent to murder. Well, fuck us all.

Totally no offense to like, religious people. I swear. But man, Kirk Cameron is some kind of crazy. I mean, "God doesn't forget about the sins in childhood." My parents forgot about it, why can't God? Sigh.

And then the adultery one gave me the giggles. At first I was like, nope, never done that! I mean, I've never been with anyone, so I couldn't have done that. This and murder I was sure I was doing to ace. Then I read, "Have you ever looked at another person with lust?" No two seconds could go by without me thinking, "Damn, Jonas." I'm going to hell because I thought of them. Goddamn it. Oh and that too. No using the Lord's name in vain.

Now, people, don't hate on me. I know that I totally sound like, evil sac religious. And I know some of my close friends are religious. I don't know what they believe, and if they believe in this(which I kinda doubt, but I might be wrong) then no offense to you at all. It's just in the way I grew up, being not religious, I chose certain things about religions to believe in and some stuff to not. I'm pretty conflicted in my religious views, but seriously, this shit is crazy. For reals. Kirk Cameron is MAD crazy.


Sam said...

ALI! hah.
okay so i am mad religious. but i believe that God forgives all of your sins no matter what>
does that help!

and PS
yes i took my blog review format from you
i love you!
and thanks!

Jenn Carpenter said...

imho, the concept of sin is dumb.

its agiasnt human nature not to lust, so thats a crack of poop right there.

but I mean, im not saying lusting after little kids and crap is okay, you know?

im just saying...healthy lust is human. as long as its healthy and not creepy...?

Scott Baio is Flipping You the Bird said...

Kirk Cameron is friggin ridiculous.