Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Definitely Not a "Middle" of the Road CD

So I happily have Demi's new cd. And no, I didn't take a pic of myself with it. I resisted. Anyways, it is that time of the blog that I review a CD. Oh I'm excited. I really love doing these. Like, I wanna do this for a living. Gotta contact EW.

Demi Lovato - "Don't Forget"

1. La La Land - A strong opener. It sets the tone very well. Pop, with rock influences. I really like the thought she's trying to get out. LA is just a machine, like Hollywood Records. But I like that she isn't the person that everyone wants her to be. Even though she did in fact change for Disney, I don't think she sacrificed that much of herself. I love her voice in this. When she belts it out, I just wanna go and scream. This is definitely a cd to sing along to. I love those. This is like I said, a great beginner. I mean, it's a very good song for girls now. I mean, you should stay yourself. Don't change for anyone. Gosh, I need to listen to that.

2. Get Back - Now playing for around the 315th(no lie) time on my ipod, it still is great. You would think a song played that many times gets boring. It doesn't. I still love to sing along to it. I also love how this is very backwards of most writing now. I mean, whenever a girl or guy sings about a broken relationship. I mean, usually there is just some amazing attraction and love for each other. Or they are happy to be apart. But really, she wants to get back with a guy that she fought with. She enjoyed the fighting. It's just interesting to me. Fighting for nothing. I just feel this relationship as roller coaster crazy, with ups and downs, but very emotional and deep. I love it.

3. Trainwreck - Once again Demi plays with what is usually written about. At least that is to me. I mean, the guy in the song is apparently a fucking mess. Medication, and doctors, and OCD. But she's undeniably attracted to him. I think this would be in real life. I also love the fact Demi wrote this song completely by herself. Miley definitely cannot say that. But back to the song, Demi is very good on this song. It isn't slow, but it isn't a belter, or full out dance song, it's a very just catchy song. I mean, it's good, don't get me wrong, but I feel like this song isn't as full in as the rest. But that isn't bad. I can't stress that enough. Haha.

4. Party - I love this song. So fucking catchy. I don't know if it can be construed as rock, but you can definitely hear that rock influence. For some reason the lyrics make me think of Miley/Katy Perry's "Breakout" but done so much better. Both songs are really not about anything except having fun. I love those songs. I also think Demi does it better. Miley's is just too bubblegum. Demi at least has that rock influence there. And you can hear it here. And she screams it out a bit, which, with her, I love. It's awkward when she calls out Dallas, Texas, just because it seems very contrived and pushed. I would have preferred to just have "come on, bring it home for me!" That's just my opinion, but it's true.(wink to my finnish spitz)
Oh and BTW, Robert Scwartzman(cue Lovebug things) helped with this. Go Rooney. I miss that band.

5. On The Line - FEATURING JONAS BROTHERS - There's my first beef with this song. Why the fuck does that have to come up? Really, we got it, the Jonas Brothers helped with this song. You don't need to repeart it all the fucking time. Anyways, the song is alright, I mean, it's not incredible, but it is catchy. I have to admit, Nick sounds great in this song. Those first notes he hits, gives me the shudders, no lie. I kinda wanted to hear Nick and Demi duet a bit, but it's mostly just Demi and Joe. I don't mind that, but I think Nick and Demi are probably suited more for each other.
Oh yes, Second Beef: Where's the K2? Like, all he does is guitar. No back vocals at all. WTF Demi?
Third Beef: "I try to call you again but get your mailbox" Who the fuck calls it a mailbox? It's VoiceMail, kids. Learn it.
Fourth Beef: Tragical I can't believe that is actually a word. I mean, I think tragic gets the point across. It sounds like a word London Tipton made up, to go with dramatical. Idk.

6. Don't Forget - Probably my second favorite song on the cd. I just love the feel of this song. So pretty, really. I love the slow part, so great to sing along too. And you can sorta hear Demi's pain, which, in my opinion, is kinda hard to do. Like, I can't hear Nick's pain in "A Little Bit Longer" or Miley in "Goodbye"(the latter, maybe, I haven't listened to that song in a while). But you can hear Demi's feelings. And I love that. I just love this song. And I love the little rock out part. Really gets the point across with the song. Its very emotional, and you can tell it is. I love that.

7. Gonna Get Caught - I'm a little unsure on this. I have listened to this song a few times, but I can't seem to remember it all that well. But it's about cheating. And Demi was Seventh choice. Damn. That is harsh. But for some reason, it didn't surprise me that the Jonas Brothers helped with this song. The feeling of this song is just different than the rest of the cd to me. It lacks something, I don't know.

8. Two Worlds Collide - One of the two songs I wish they had left a word out of. Chuck "collide" from this and "don't" from "Don't Forget." I like this song enough, it's about her friendship with Selena, I believe. But I feel like it's gonna be in like, "A Walk to Remember." The music is so romantic sappy movie trailer. It is a good song, but I wanna figure out if Demi is the one hurt and in trouble, just because from what I heard, she was unpopular and not liked, and Selena was popular. I don't know. It is a good song, but not that good. She's talked about this song a bunch and I don't know, it's a bit of a fail.

9. The Middle - For some reason, my favorite song. Not written by Demi or Jonas Brothers. Maybe that's saying something. It's darker, sexier than the other songs. And I love it. It feels like a writing song to me. I mean the whole "I like it, I like it, I like it" is pretty sexy IMO for a 16 year old. And I love the chorus, especially the line "I wanna crash, I wanna fall." I just really love this song. Makes me want to look into this girl name Kara DioGuardi, who wrote it with John Fields and Jason Reeves. She also does vocals, so hmmm....
I just found out she's the new American Idol judge? Weird.....

10. Until You're Mine - I like this. It's definitely got a cool feeling to it. I like the jumps from soft and slow to fast and raw. Definitely something I enjoy. Once again about love. I kinda wished the lyrics were more obsessive. Like you can tell the writer wants this person. But I just wanted it to be darker and edgier. But I still like it.

11. Believe In Me - This song always seems to pop up on my shuffle. Like, after itself. I don't know. It's interesting and once again Kara Dioguardi worked on it, who seriously, worked on everything. Camp Rock, Hannah Montana, Hilary Duff, and like, a million others. This song sounds early Kelly Clarkson. That's it. Definitely Kelly's first or second cd, moreso her first. But it's alright. Not the greatest. It's meh.

Overall: B+, A-. I think that Entertainment Weekly judged her really severely. It didn't even feel like the person listened to it. I mean, every song is singable and decent. Some more than others.

While Demi did fail at some of the songs, she did rock more. And when she rocked them, she fucking knocked them on their asses.

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The Drowsy Observer said...

actually, i'm pretty sure MIchael Slezak listened to the cd, he just didn't like he CD. Slezak is like their musc guy, he does the american idol stuff and a wide range of knowledge when it comes to music. And I'm pretty sure the point of reviewing a CD is to go in impartial to what you're listening to and write an unbiased review. you clearly are the target market for the CD and thus, self fulling proffacy, you liked the cd. no offense or anything.