Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Best Judge EVER

So my mom made me watch Celebrity Circus tonight, and I was like, for serious? This is fucking ridiculous. And then I was introduced to the man you see above. Mr. Louie Spence. He's British, flaming, and has a lisp. Yes, these things seem bad. But then you watch it, and wow, he's fucking awesome! I love this guy! Like, he got up and did a backflip randomly! How kick ass is that? He's crazier than Paula and that crazy chick from So You Think You Can Dance combined. But he's awesome about it. He's judgmental and can be a bitch like Simon Cowell. But then he just goes crazy, and you can't understand a damn word he says. First, he talks like Gilmore Girls fast, then he's British, and top that off with a lisp. Completely incoherent, but completely awesome. I love him. I think I'll continue watching Celebrity Circus just to watch him, because of Louie Spence. He's crazy, and I love it. Gotta love the lisp-y British flaming crazy.

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