Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Three More Years! Three More Years!

So they totally announced that Steve Carell was staying with the Office for three more seasons. And to this I say, YES! I always worry about actors who like hugely make it big after their hit show, and then they leave their show and become really bitchy and snobby. I mean, everyone knows Katherine Heigl is soooo headed there. And I mean, who wouldn't think Steve Carell wouldn't? He's box office gold. Even though I heard Evan Almighty sucked, he still got full crowds. Hello, 40 year old virgin, Get Smart, those other movies? I forget what else he was in. But still, his best gig was the Office. Come on, Michael Scott, or even Michael Scarn are pretty fucking awesome. Not my favorite character on the show, but still really funny. And I was really worried he was gonna be a very big bitch and leave the show because he was just too big. But nope. And that makes me smile. I love him. And I want to see Get Smart. Maybe after I flunk my driver's test tomorrow.

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