Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Did They Make Me Choose?

Now, before I kinda had this figured out. But now I'm really unsure. Alright, first let me get you all the facts so you know.

I bought three tickets for the Jonas Brothers(me, Sam, and Jenn) for their Hershey concert on July 25th.

I bought two tickets for Coldplay(me and my mom) for their Philadelphia concert on June 26th.

Coldplay changed the date of their concert to July 25th, THE SAME DAY AS JB.

I have seen Coldplay once: April 6th, 2006.

I have seen Jonas Brothers twice: March 13th, 2008 and May 17th, 2008.

I will be seeing the Jonas Brothers again: August 30th, 2008.

Noticeably, the answer really should be self explanatory. But it really isn't. I want to see Coldplay really badly, because well, it's Coldplay. Their new album is fucking amazing. And it's been over two years since I saw them. But then there's the Jonas Brothers, who I have had tickets for longer, and they kinda got me through the death of my grandmother.

This seriously has to be the hardest decision I've ever had to make. Why, Coldplay, why? Why did you have to change your concert date? This actually really really depresses me. Because I want to see both really bad. I mean, I love the Jonas Brothers, and I love Coldplay. My mom basically wants to go without me. And if I do go to Coldplay, I have to sell my one JoBro ticket, and then owe my dad a lot of money.

Fucking bands. This just depresses me.

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