Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh, So Now You All Catch On!

Ha, you might have thought I was like, talking about something big that happened to me. But I'm mad boring. No, I'm talking about this chick:

Yes, Amanda Seyfried. Name not familar but face totally is? Karen from Mean Girls, Lilly Kane from Veronica Mars, Sarah from Big Love.

Oh yeah, and she's kinda starring in Mamma Mia! with Meryl Streep.

See, she's an Allentown chick. Which rocks my socks. But really, I looooove her. She's one of my favorite actresses. I mean, I thought she was perfect in Mean Girls. Then she wowed me in Veronica Mars. I watched Alpha Dog and Big Love basically because of her. And I'm seeing Mamma Mia! just for her. I have been the hugest fan for probably three years.

So then I stumble on this:

Teen Vogue has caught on, only since she is in a huge musical movie. They're like, you might remember as the "doomed high school beauty" but my guesses is you don't. I mean, lack of fans was the reason Veronica Mars was cancelled. Fans had to root for their show all the time. We started that whole petition the TV Big Wigs with our devotion to save our show. Everwood, Jericho ain't got nothing on Veronica Mars fans. I mean, that was my favorite show. Still is up there. But it's like, all of a sudden, if I search Amanda Seyfried, she has hits. What next, a second fansite? It's a little annoying, just because she was so good before, and did so much awesome stuff and will be doing it that I wish people had caught onto her sooner. Look on IMDB's list of like, her being herself. 2008: One Interview. The last one was 2005. That sucks. I really wish people had like, started realizing she was awesome before. Someone called her the next Olivia Thirlby. Wait, what? Fuck no. Sorry, but Seyfried is way cooler. She plays the nerdy friend in Diablo Cody's next movie. And she will dominate.

Now I wish I could find those Limited Too pics with her and Leighton Meester. It'd make me smile a lot.

And what rocks the most? She's from fucking Allentown! Went to Allen High School! WOOT!

It's Seyfried's time, and I am first in line for everything. All you grabber-ons can stand behind me.

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