Thursday, June 26, 2008

Joe Jonas Is My Soulmate

Yeah, S probably had a heart attack when she read that. But that's what I do. I aim to terrify.

But seriously, we would share so much. Like how we both suck at driving. But at least I didn't hit a cone like he did. Though he was much farther in the spot than I was.

By now you've guessed it. Yours truly failed her driver's test. I've joined the ranks of the officially crappy drivers. Joe is just chilling out there; he was waiting for another 18 year old to join him. But oddly enough, I'm okay with failing. it would have been a miracle if I had passed. I never parallel parked in my life. And frankly, I suck. Like, really suck. It's been proven. Twice, to be exact.

So me and Joe Jonas are in the same boat. We both will probably turn 19 before getting out licenses. Well, him definitely. He's in the pop sensation of now. And his birthday is in August. Maybe I'll beat him. It'd be quite a cool thing. If he beat me, well, I'd be ashamed. But who knows? Either way, Kevin and S will be our chauffeurs for a while.

Carpool! I dibs shotgun!

1 comment:

Sam said...

haha i seriously did a double take when i read that title
i was like WHAT
then i was like oh kay need to read this before i like die
and you always have shotgun