Monday, June 30, 2008

Lock It Up!

Ah, what a great line from a great movie. Wedding Crashers is just one of those movies that I really can watch over and over again. Very few live action movies have that ability. This movie is just that good. I don't even think Knocked Up or Superbad has that. Well, once they hit TBS, then we'll find out. I love when networks play a movie over and over again. If it's a good movie, I will continually watch it. Like Wedding Crashers. I'm watching the end, and frankly, I kinda hope it's on again. It is just that good.

Though one thing I noticed that sadly, no one's careers really were that great after this. Let's look at the main three:

Owen Wilson - You, Me, and Dupree? Marley and Me? Yeah, uh, no. He's suffered. And he even knew it. Remember the big suicide attempt? Yeah, sad, because he is so funny, and he just hasn't had a real hit.

Vince Vaughn - The Break-Up. Yeah. That's all that needs to be said. No, wait, Fred Claus. Yep. Poor Vaughn.

Rachel McAdams - So promising, but where is her hits now? After this, Mean Girls, Notebook, Red Eye, what happened? And that kinda sucks since I love her.

Walken and Isla Fisher were the only two who didn't suffer. Well, Isla really never had a big hot career. And Walken is Walken. Walken will be forever.

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