Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camp Rock: The Ali-fied Version

Here is how I would picture Camp Rock. Tell me what you think.

The opening: Instead of her opening to Who Will I Be, Demi grudgingly wakes up to the radio, and she turns on the tv, to Hot Tunes. They're discussing the future of Shane Gray, who just recently ruined a day's work on a videoshoot. He was disorderly, and broke equipment after a mega temper tantrum. His bandmates have had it. They are currently having a meeting over the future of the band. Talk of the end of the entire band is now rampant. Mitchie rolls her eyes, and crosses out a day on the calendar, that says "Last Day" and she sighs, and stares at the pamphlet for the rock camp she is dying to go to, which isn't called Camp Rock. That's so lame.

She heads downstairs, where her mom is cooking. They mention the pamphlet and Mitchie just listens about how it's not gonna happen. As she leaves, the phone rings.

The high school. Mitchie is sitting at her desk, writing, once again, on a yearbook. Sierra comes by, and sits next to her. She asks who's yearbook she's signing, and Mitchie replies that it's her own. She flips through the blank pages and sighs. Sierra talks about the governor's school she's attending that summer and asks about the rock camp. Mitchie is obviously downtrodden.

Now at Mitchie's work, she's flipping burgers and watching the tv there, where they say Shane Gray stalked out of the meeting and now is out somewhere. Mitchie is flipping burgers and writing, and humming all the at same time. When she thinks about the music, she can do anything else. She heads out to serve burgers where she falls and spills it all over her, and people previously seen in her school laugh at her. They call her "Pitchie".

As she walks home, she sings a bit of the song she is attempting to write. She sings a bit to Who Will I Be, but she does sound a bit pitchy, and she's soft and quiet. As she heads home, her parents are cooking. This scene seems pretty much the same. She then goes up to her room, and finally releases her incredible voice and does an extended version of who will i be.

As we get to the camp, we see all of the main characters in their environment. Mitchie is completely in awe of it all and she quickly dodges her mother and rushes down to where the action is. She just watches as those two black guys goes and plays a trick on Tess, who screams. She's already mad. To make matters worse, then Mitchie walks and bumps into her, and she freaks. Mitchie is almost terrified, and that's where Kaitlyn steps in and pulls her away. She tells her about the camp and such that, and they sit together as Dee, the crazy red head tells us that's us that there will be a celeb instructor.

Cut to Shane, and that scene is pretty much the same.

Mitchie then heads into the cabin with her mom, and she lays down to write a bit. She then heads out to look for a piano. She finds one, and we shoot to the phone call of Shane to his bandmates. He then runs and falls, of course, and hears Mitchie practicing. She doesn't know the notes exactly, so she's just playing around, but has the words right. Shane is mesmorized. He looks down reflectively. Then Connie walks in and tells Mitchie to come, but doesnt say her name and Shane is too busy listening to screaming. Once his is safe, he gets up, but finds no one. He then tries to play the song, but he can't get it right. Not without the voice.

Head to the jam session scene with Lola. She does her thing, but we see her extended a bit. More info on her. Kaitlin and Mitchie and Lola are having fun, and Tess makes fun of Lola's mom. Mitchie sees how even Broadway isn't good enough. She feels ashamed. She thinks about her mom. And then Tess introduces herself, and Mitchie is smitten. She loves the popular crowd. She begins to spin a web of lies. Kaitlyn is confused, as it Lola, and Mitchie is allowed to join the popular crowd.

She runs to tell her mom and takes her stuff to leave. She heads into the cabin, where the scene is pretty much the same, except you see that Tess starts to read the one song, "2 Stars" in intense detail. She sings but is that pitchy version. The rest are a little confused, but they deal with her because she knows famous people, or so she says. And she's eager to be loved.

As Shane ditches his first class, and is sulking about, Brown teaches a class. The two black guys, JMan and Sanders, are playing some fun gags. We see them more in depth as a comparison to the lackluster of the popular group. Brown picks Mitchie to sing. She is pitchy and soft, and has not released that killer voice. She runs off and is completely ashamed.

After this, Tess comes up to her and plays like she is consoling her. She intimidates her into being a backup singer, since she can learn from that. So Mitchie, upset, accepts that and deals.

The next scene Shane is forced to wake up and still attempts to ditch the class. He sits around and tries to figure out the song he heard. And as Mitchie goes to work, he comes in to bitch about the food and is obnoxious. She tries to run, and splatters stuff on him. He freaks. She hides her face and is horrified. She runs before he can even get up.

She runs into class late, but still makes it before Shane gets there. He is in a horrible mood and teaches a dance no one can follow. He doesn't bother to teach, but rather just shows off his skills. All girls are still in awe, but Mitchie is disgusted. After the class, she stops Shane and bitches him out, because she still thinks that he needs an attitude adjustment. He is shocked that someone had the balls to do that to him. He is pissed. But intrigued.

That night is the beach jam, where the popular crowd does "Too Cool". Kaitlyn and Lola laugh and point to Mitchie, who is nervous. As they perform, Shane watches, and then as a gag, the two black guys, jump on stage. Tess is furious. She blames Mitchie for ever talking to them. Mitchie also gets rude comments from Lola and Kaitlyn. She is feeling very depressed, and low.

The next day is the lunch fight. This pretty much happens the same, but then Mitchie is working at the kitchen, and goes to pick up chips from the van. She gets them, and is stopped by Shane. He wants to talk to her, and said thank you about the whole bitch out thing. He asks about the chips, she says that someone just stopped and helped. But he starts talking to her, and she listens to how he is always stuck dealing with fake people. He then reminds her that she's probably being hunted for stealing chips. As she comes in, she sees Kaitlyn, and tries to hide. Being a klutz, she falls and that same thing happens. Kaitlyn finds it even funnier. She makes fun of her like she did.

Shane is still trying to find the voice, and tells people to look for the voice. Once again he sees Mitchie, and talks about finding this voice, and sings a bit of his song, because the chords remind him of that song. He asks Mitchie to sing, and she is shy, and doesn't sing for him. She's just intimidated of it all.

Shane sings the song This is Me to Brown or something and Tess hears.

It's the PJ Night jam, and to me, it was pretty good.

Kaitlyn and Mitchie talk while working and get along for once. Tess walks by and sees them both working and hearing Mitchie say Mom. She walks over to the cabin and takes the song book. Mitchie leaves and sees Shane singing, and that canoe thing happens. She's really shy, and Shane tells her about past instances of heartbreak and such that.

Then the Beach Jam, and that is just about the same. Shane is pissed and her and stalks off. Tess sort of follows and makes it so that he bumps into her, and she drops a book, Mitchie's book with a new cover. He reads the This Is Me song. Looking up of her, he asks if this is hers. She replies yes, and says that her voice didn't sound like the voice he knew. She spins a lie like she was lipsynching and a backup singer was the lead voice. She plays off like she's really shy. He believes it and walks away with her.

Mitchie is horrified and when she gets her things from her bed, she finds her song book is missing. She sees Tess and Shane together and is confused. She figures her book is somewhere, and decides to just restart it. But after the fallout, she is trying to work on her Final Jam.

Shane tells the bandmates that Tess is her voice, since the book is her. He's excited to hear her sing that night. Together.

Since Tess is terrified that Shane will figure it out, she does that whole charm thing to ruin it all. She tries to figure something out, and begins practicing one of the songs she stole from Mitchie, with the girls. Shane walks in and hears her singing, and is confused. He refuses to do the Jam now because he feels that no one actually cares. Then the girls leave her. She tries to be strong, and decides to do the song anyways now that she has nothing to hide.

Shane sits out on the dock, and Mitchie wants to approach him, and tries to tell that she was sorry, he just says, "who are you exactly? i can't figure any of you desperate girls anymore." Mitchie is broken, and heads up to the Final Jam. She watches as Hasta La Vista and 2 Stars is played. She realizes that that is her song. Everyone praises Tess for her original song, and Mitchie, tear stained accuses her of it. She says that that is her book, and Tess is humiliated in front of the audience, and her mother. She runs off, and Peggy then sings.

Nate and Jason take note that Mitchie claims it's her book, and they go in search of Shane. They tell him that the book wasn't Tess', so Shane's voice is still out there. And they think she's about to sing. Shane is hesitant, but goes up.

Mitchie, broken but defiant, gets on stage and is terrified. There are sounds of snickering and "Pitchie" is heard. She takes a deep breath and cues Kaitlyn. She finally releases her voice to all. Everyone is floored. Nate and Jason pull Shane in just as the chorus comes on. Shane is mesmerized. It had been her. All those songs he had read in that book were hers. He grabs a mic and sings with her. She is completely off guard. As he jumps up, she goes, "What are doing?" and he replies, "Finding my voice." He then takes off with "Gotta Find You" and Mitchie jumps back in with "This Is Me". As the two look at each other, all is forgiven.

The winner is about to be announced. Peggy wins. But Shane adds, "but I want to thank a special someone for bringing me back to earth." He picks Mitchie out of the waiting people and kisses her.

Then, the final, final Jam, "We Rock!" And the end is pretty much the same.

That's my Camp Rock.

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