Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Excites Me Like No Other

So I went onto Oceanup earlier, and I guess Taylor Momsen had her personal myspace pics leaked onto the internet. I casually clicked and looked at her pictures. And surprisingly, she isn't a hoe. And then this pic came up:

I near about died. I had never realized that she would have been the Perfect Alice in Wonderland. I mean, she's young enough and looks like her. I need her to be Alice. Just a photoshoot of her. Please. Seriously. That reminds me of my defunct photoshoot that I wanted to do. I have all this shit that I bought for it and did nothing. Sigh. Life just gets in the way.

But anyways, Taylor Momsen rocks. Her character Jenny kinda sucks sometime, but she is awesome. I cut my hair like hers and she watches Alice in Wonderland. She fucking rocks.

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